Elisa Scala Personal Chef

When I was a child, I discovered my passion for cooking … perhaps seeing my mom in the kitchen I wanted to imitate her in some way. So one day, I received as a gift a mini plastic kitchen! Wonderful… It was placed on the veranda next to the garden. I immediately started to make dough and delicious dishes with leaves, soil, water, pasta and flour that my mother gave me to experiment with…

Obviously water was not boiling and nothing was frying, but I found that if you left for a while pasta in water it will become soft and change color, that if you mix land and water you’ll get a fantastic “chocolate”… well… I was proud of what I prepared.

I was ten when I began to become familiar with the kitchen, my parents realized that mine was a real passion. At first I did unattractive and less pretty dishes… I remember one time I prepared a sauce for grilled meat overly salty… My mom asked me: “How much salt did you put?”, I said “Two teaspoons like when I cook pasta!.”

Then I realized that in kitchen there isn’t a fixed rule, but it is varied and amazing !!!

Today, I am a young professional cook, graduated from the Academy of Italian Chef (Milan) with a score of 100/100 (academic year 2014). A judgment which is the outcome of my culinary journey carried out within professional kitchens of medium/high-level, which provided me with the tools necessary to introduce today a healthy and creative cuisine.

Cooking for you will be a real honor!

I would like to give you pleasant moments, delight and surprise you with tasty and simple dishes, meet all your needs and offering you a typical menu of Italian cuisine with a twist!

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